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Flipgrid is definitely one of my new web tool obsessions for the classroom! It is so engaging for ALL students and you can create a free account. So what exactly is Flipgrid? How can you use it in your classroom? Let me share some info about my new edtech love!

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a platform which allows for student response through a short video recording. It is quick and easy to use for both teachers and students! When you sign-up for a free Flipgrid One account you are able to create one “grid,” which is basically an open board or classroom. Within your “grid” you post new “topics” for students to respond. The beauty of Flipgrid is students are able to express themselves with their own voice! Flipgrid allows for total class participation and ensures all students are active in their learning. Watch the above video to learn more about Flipgrid and check out their website for more instructions on how to get started!

How can it be used in the classroom?

The possibilities with Flipgrid are ENDLESS. It can be used across any subject area or grade level! Here are TEN ideas for how to integrate Flipgrid in the classroom or use it in one of your lessons:

  1. Book recommendations or commercials

  2. Have students make predictions about a text OR science experiment

  3. Students can explain a strategy they used for solving a problem

  4. Engage students at the beginning of a unit by having them record a video of anything they know about the topic

  5. Attach a video or article to the Flipgrid topic and have students respond to a question

  6. Ignite a debate-- have students share their point of view on an issue

  7. Have students make connections between their learning and the real world- for example in math students can share real world math experiences

  8. Student reflection is powerful. Use Flipgrid for students to reflect on their learning journey.

  9. Students can take videos of each other performing a skill or task and post it on the grid

  10. Allow students to pose their own questions on a topic, what would they like to know or learn?

I absolutely LOVE Flipgrid and all of the ways it can be used purposefully in the classroom! It is so easy to use and all students are given a voice. Try this amazing web tool with your students!

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