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Science Friday Educator Collaborative

I am writing a quick post about a program I just came across during my weekly listen to the Science Friday podcast (also broadcast on NPR at 2:00pm every Friday). If you don’t listen to Science Friday I highly recommend it. The topics are wide ranging but essentially there is something for everyone. I have heard Science Friday cover biology, chemistry and physics, engineering, computer science, political science, space and even how science and art can be combined into amazing projects. (The current episode covers the science of Thanksgiving). Recently while listening to a podcast on STEM education, I learned of the Educator Collaborative and immediately shared it with Rosanna to apply. I encourage everyone interested to apply as well.

The Science Friday Education Collaborators are educators from various grade levels and disciplines that have come together to share resources and ideas for how to teach STEM in interesting and novel ways. They have all be wildly successful in garnering the respect and interest of their students and are eager to share their ideas on the Science Friday website. You can check out the individual ideas and pages of the collaborators as well as learn some general information about the program. The resources on the educate page are sort-able by grade level or by topic allowing for quick filtering to find resources most applicable to you. There are some truly innovative and amazing ideas through this program and we are hopeful we will have the opportunity add some of ours.

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