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The New Space Race

As I have mentioned in previous posts, NASA and space related education truly inspired me to become an engineer. I wanted to be part of something exciting, something cutting edge. Space truly is the final frontier and almost everything we have done or will do in space is an amazing challenge. With the rise of the commercial space programs and companies such as Virgin Galactic, ULA, Blue Origin and SpaceX, the landscape for space related careers has dramatically improved in the last few years.

Even more important than those high tech jobs is how these companies are inspiring future generations of engineers. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, recently outlined his vision for how we could create and sustain a city on Mars. The simulation of the launch and journey to the red planet is truly visionary and inspiring to anyone interested in our quest to become a ‘multiplanetary’ species. I encourage anyone studying Mars, the Solar System, or space in general to check out the short video!

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