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Integration of technology and increasing student engagement in the classroom is very important. One very simple yet powerful website I have been using in the classroom is Kahoot. It is a tool that can be integrated easily and with very little technological knowledge or experience. Kahoot allows all students to participate in their learning and serves as a method of measuring student success with a particular concept.

The first step is to create an account through the website. Once an account is made you can choose to either create your own survey, quiz, or poll or you can search through the thousands of already made Kahoot resources. I have searched and found a multitude of already made Kahoot quizzes and surveys which have met Common Core Standards and my student learning needs.

Once you have found or made a quiz, survey, or poll you can then use it with your students! It is all very simple. Simply, select “Play Kahoot” and then have your students visit to join the game. The students will enter the game by submitting the game pin and a nickname. I usually tell my students what kind of nickname I want them to enter. Sometimes, I will have them use their initials (if I want to track student performance on the quiz) other times I will have them pick their favorite book character or favorite food. Once all of the students have joined the game, you can begin play!

I love using Kahoot as a quick check for understanding of concepts in math. My students keep their math journals out to solve problems and then select their responses. I am able to circulate around the room and monitor student progress with concepts and see strategies students are using to solve. All of the students are engaged and beg to play more Kahoot! It is educational, fun, and still allows for meaningful learning.

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