Our Classroom Mission

Educate Today. Inspire Tomorrow!


Lessons & Projects


Teacher Resources

Find lessons and projects that align with Common Core Standards and use research based ideas and concepts to educate students in order to drive learning and growth in the classroom.

Education Technology

Discover and understand new technologies to integrate in your classroom. Allow students to engage and innovate using cutting edge tech and increase student interest and learning ability.



Inspiring Education

Read real stories and tales from the classroom and learn ways to engage students in their learning through authentic experiences. Truly inspire your students to build knowledge and become lifelong learners.


Our tagline says it all! At Edjro, we create and share lessons, projects and a variety of educational technology resources to help both teachers and students learn and grow. We innovate new ways to impact the learning environment, putting special emphasis on the use of technology. We aim to enable educators to inspire the next generation of readers, authors, mathematicians, artists, scientists, and historians in each and every classroom.